Muslim Clothes Embroidery from Tasikmalaya City

Embroidery has become a trade industry in Tasikmalaya, even had a tourist attraction. Tourists flocked to the embroidery shop Tasikmalaya, “… cheap and very good!” He said. Tourists come to the district south KAWALU Kota Tasikmalaya always took time to buy souvenirs embroidered cloth which is a product of home industry Tasikmalaya City.
Muslims of embroidered clothes men and women, various modern fabrics, embroidered kebaya, pakian Muslim, koko shirt, scarf, mukena, from craftsmen KAWALU Tasikmalaya District
With this blog we try to offer a broad range of products Embroidery
– Muslim dress up
– Muslim Children clothes
– Koko shirt Children and adults
– Mukenah / Bow Adult & Children
– Veil
– Materials / cap
– Sajadah

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